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Single-sided staking rewards

On February 2nd, 2022, the team announced an upgrade in the Governance smart contract to create a reward system for single-sided stakers from the unclaimed airdrop funds.
Botto users can claim rewards for staking their $BOTTO through the website app.
1.5% of the total supply of $BOTTO tokens was allocated for this measure, translating into 1,500,000 $BOTTO emissions over a 2 year period (750,000 $BOTTO a year).
Staking $BOTTO provides a ~10% APR that can be viewed in the application dashboard.
Single-Sided Staking rewards, along with Liquidity Mining and the Bonds program, are intended to provide financial incentives that encourage$BOTTO token holders to participate in the protocol. Single-Sided Staking rewards cover the transaction costs involved in staking, and invite people to obtain their Voting Points.

How to Claim Your Rewards

In the Botto App Dashboard click on “Claim Now” under Rewards.
You’ll see the rewards you’ve earned so far. Select the contract you wish to claim rewards for.