Botto aspires for full decentralization through governance. Four forms of governance exist, governance of the algorithm, governance of the artist, governance of the auction, and governance of the protocol itself.

The Algorithm

Governance of the algorithm has been unlocked at the genesis of Botto. Community participants become eligible to vote on their favorite art fragments provided they hold and stake $BOTTO. Staking $BOTTO generates Voting Points (VP), which in turn can be spent on voting on preferred outcomes of Botto's art. Needless to say, this form of governance influences art generated by Botto.

The Artist

As a reminder, Botto strives to be a fully Decentralized, Autonomous Artist (DAA). To do so, the choices we make as a community need to be governed accordingly in and through proposals and votes.

Public Roadmap

A public roadmap for the DAO and external stakeholders was released at the end of the Governance Grace Period. This roadmap indicates the team’s ongoing projects spanning the upcoming three to six months. The roadmap is publicly accessible and doubles as a way for the Botto community to plan and contribute to the future direction of the project.

The Auction

This project requires governance on the selection of auctioned art. 12 weeks after project launch, the community will be able to select their favorite art piece of the week to be minted. This selection process is performed in a snapshot vote. This is documented in the Art Selection section.

Auctioned art was given a twelve mint grace period in governance - meaning governance on selecting the art to be auctioned was initially on hold until after the 12th mint, which has been scheduled for 12/01/2022 (DD/MM/YYYY).

Initially, this was set in place to give the project ample time to fully decentralize voting behavior.

Depending on the status and activity of the community, this was subject to change (shortened timespan).

This twelve mint grace period was removed on 14/10/2022 (DD/MM/YYYY), 7 days prior to the end of the first voting period.

The Protocol

This area of governance encapsulates all other processes BottoDAO takes to fulfil protocol objectives. Common touchpoints may include rebalancing of pools, introduction of new incentive mechanisms, major protocol pivots, significant project architecture additions, and more.

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