Project Summary

Botto is a generative artist governed by the community. Botto creates 350 art pieces a week and presents them to the community. These art pieces are considered a 'round', whereby individual art pieces are denoted as 'fragments'.
The community votes on these art fragments. Votes represent individual preferences on what a participant considers to be aesthetically pleasing art. Collectively, votes are used as feedback for Botto's generative algorithm - dictating what direction Botto should take its next round of art pieces. Over time, Botto shall create art guided and governed by the community.
Once a week, Botto will put one art fragment to auction on SuperRare. All auction proceeds are returned to the community. While the auction takes place, Botto produces a new round comprising of art fragments, so that the cycle can continue.
The first art piece was minted on the 22nd of October on SuperRare. On October 14, 2022 Botto completed its 52nd piece and concluded its Genesis Period.
Botto has now shifted to 12 week periods. It has since completed its Fragmentation Period, where the DAO added Stable Diffusion to its capabilities, and is now in its Paradox Period, the first full period oriented around a theme.
Specifics on how Botto works, how to participate, and more, can be found throughout these docs.
Key Dates
  • New voting rounds begin every Tuesday, 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EDT / 13:00 PDT
  • Leaderboard boosting opens up for final 24hrs every Monday, 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EDT / 13:00 PDT
  • Voting rounds end every Tuesday, 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EDT / 13:00 PDT
  • New art fragments are added to the voting pool every Tuesday, 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EDT / 13:00 PDT
  • Auctions are scheduled to begin every Wednesday, 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EDT / 13:00 PDT
  • Auctions are scheduled to end every Friday, 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EDT / 13:00 PDT
This documentation makes every attempt to be an accurate, comprehensive guide to Botto.
Please join the community Discord if you seek clarifications and/or have questions. Feedback helps this project improve!
The DAO periodically updates the parameters of the project and these docs are subsequently updated. To see past changes, you can see our snapshot page for proposals that have passed.
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