The airdrop claim period ended on 06/01/2022 (DD/MM/YYYY) and 13,592,527 BOTTO was returned to the treasury:

Since then, 3.6MM $BOTTO were allocated to the Olympus Pro Bonds programme for a 12 month period, and 1.5MM $BOTTO were allocated to single-sided staking rewards over a 24 month period.

Other uses of the unclaimed airdrop funds, such as more targeted air drops and fulfilling requests of failed claims, are in discussion for future proposals.

The Botto team believes in the values of a fair launch where the majority of token recipients have some affinity with the NFT space, have an interest in art, and/or can help contribute to the project in some way or form.

Qualifying projects + Snapshot Date (DD/MM/YYYY)

  • Artblocks Curated - 12/07/2021

  • Artblocks Playground + Factory - 12/07/2021

  • Async Art - 22/06/2021

  • BAYC - 22/06/2021

  • Cryptopunks - 05/07/2021

  • Meebits - 21/06/2021

  • SuperRare - 21/06/2021

  • Hashmasks - 21/06/2021

Tiered System

The Botto airdrop has 4 tiers. Each tier has been progressively rewarded a higher amount of $BOTTO tokens depending on how many projects were interacted with. Tier 3 includes additional early contributors (testing, consulting, advising, supporting). The 4th tier was added for initial team members to redistribute tokens at their own discretion.

The total quantity of recipients eligible for this airdrop: 22,066

Each qualifying recipient can receive:

Tier 1: 646 $BOTTO

Tier 2: 1893 $BOTTO

Tier 3: 4576 $BOTTO

Tier 4: 26,666 $BOTTO

Project Interactions

To qualify for any tier, you need to have interacted with at least 1 qualifying project. An interaction is defined as minting or holding an NFT from the qualifying project at the time data was pulled* (using Etherscan API). No distinction is made between holding or minting when counting an interaction.

*Snapshots of each project were taken individually between 21/06/2021 and 12/07/2021 (DD/MM/YYYY).

Some qualifying addresses may have been omitted from the pulled data due to job failures. We apologize for any inconvenience.


If you held and minted from a qualifying project, this still counts as 1 interaction.

If you minted 50 NFTs from a qualifying project, this still counts as 1 interaction.

If you minted 1 NFT from Project 1, and minted 1 NFT from Project 2, this counts as 2 interactions (1 for each project).

If you minted 10 NFTs from Project 1, and held 2 NFTs from Project 2, this counts as 2 interactions (1 for each project).

If you minted and held an NFT before 21/06/2021 and sold it data was pulled, this counts as 1 interaction (due to the mint).

Tier 1 required interactions with at least 1 qualifying project

Tier 2 required interactions with at least 2 qualifying projects

Tier 3 required interactions with at least 5 qualifying projects. Early contributors were injected into this tier.


Should you believe you were eligible for an airdrop but were unable to claim on the app, you will be presented with an Airdrop Eligibility form. Please fill this out as completely as possible and submit a claim. No action will be taken prior to the end of the claiming period.

If you were eligible and were able to claim, but believe you were placed in the wrong tier, no action will be taken.

Claiming Period

Eligible recipients may claim their $BOTTO before 06/01/2022 (DD/MM/YYYY). Unclaimed tokens will be returned to the treasury. Subsequently, the community may decide what happens to all unclaimed tokens through governance.

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