Team & Vesting

20% of total supply has been allocated to the Botto team and vests linearly over 2 years from 08/10/2021 (DD/MM/YYYY) (the token launch date) to 08/10/2023 (DD/MM/YYYY).20% of total supply has been allocated to the Botto team.

Gnosis Multi-Sig

  • Address: 0xAF1E1c2EB21e4B977517BC651A7046C723B49809

  • Keys held by different team members, and their key security has been reviewed and assessed

  • Requires 3 out of 6 keys

Vesting Schedule

The vesting wallet will have outbound transfers at the end of each calendar month to pay team members.

Monthly payment = 20,000,000/24 = 833,333.33 $BOTTO

The first disbursement was on January 31st, 2022 and retroactively covered October, November, December, and January inclusively. Disbursements will be monthly thereafter.

The first month of team tokens was planned to have an instant unlock with the intention of providing liquidity. This was postponed and no tokens were unlocked.

Liquidity was provided through a small series of OTC deals post-launch, documented in the Treasury section. This was done to ensure the token was liquid enough on Uniswap to support initial demand.

At launch the vesting schedule was 1 year, but was extended to 2 years (with the same total allocation) in November 2021 to further align with the protocol's objectives.

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