Contract Details

Botto operates through a set of 5 smart contracts. These are specified as follows:

ERC20 Token Contract

Botto operates with an ERC20 token contract, allowing for standardized functionalities like transferring tokens, fetching account balances, spending approvals, and other functionality on Ethereum.

Airdrop Contract

The airdrop contract handles the initial distribution of BOTTO tokens to the community. Airdrop contracts are deployed with a list of addresses and amounts in Merkle tree form, enabling the list of addresses the ability to claim BOTTO.
A total of 30,010,878 BOTTO were deployed for the airdrop.

Governance Contract

The governance contract handles the stake and unstake function alongside events like Staked, Unstaked. In order to be able to contribute to training Botto's algorithm, users are required to use this contract to stake their BOTTO.

Liquidity Mining Contract

The liquidity mining contract handles the stake and unstake of LP tokens as well as liquidity mining reward payouts. The contract was deployed with an 8 month duration, and was updated to 3 years when we joined the Olympus Pro Program. It has the following variables:
  • Total Rewards: 20,000,000 BOTTO
  • StartTime: 14/10/2021 (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • EndTime: 15/10/2024 (DD/MM/YYYY)