Olympus' Pro Bonds have been discontinued. We are currently exploring alternative methods to boost POL. Join our Discord to suggest or discuss potential solutions.

On November 28, 2021, Botto partnered with OlympusDAO’s Olympus Pro program to advance protocol-owned liquidity (POL), and sustainably reward protocol supporters.

How Bonds Work

Through Olympus Pro’s Bonds Marketplace, Botto users are able to exchange BOTTO-ETH Uniswap LP shares for bonds that emit $BOTTO over time, at a discounted rate. The BOTTO-ETH LP shares are then owned by Botto’s treasury as protocol-owned liquidity (POL). The committed LP shares are locked after bonding. Since the bond market acts as a secondary price discovery mechanism, bond discounts can be more or less predictable depending on the market conditions. For that reason, bonding is regarded as an active, short-term investment strategy that can be profitable if you closely follow the discount rate.

Bonds Vesting Period and Rewards

Bonds vest over a period of 7 days. As the bond matures, emissions vest linearly over time, giving the user $BOTTO at a rate that’s discounted from market value. Through this mechanism, supporters of the protocol are able to gain rewards without exposure to impermanent loss.

ROI Status

Sometimes the bond discount becomes negative (shown as a positive “Premium” by the Olympus Bot on Discord), meaning you'd pay higher than the market price in order to bond. This can be caused by several factors, including high demand for the bond or a decrease in the token price.

This state is only temporary and we advise avoiding bonding during this time. The discount will slowly increase until it becomes positive again.

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