Snapshot Votes

Voting Eligibility

DAO members are able to vote on the snapshot provided they are staking $BOTTO and/or BOTTO-ETH. Those who are not actively staking in the project are ineligible to vote. This means the balance of $BOTTO in your wallet does not count.

For those staked in through the liquidity mining contract, only the calculated $BOTTO portion of your wallet counts. Voting weight scales linearly according to how many $BOTTO you have staked in the governance and/or liquidity mining contracts.

Passing the vote

Both the Gnosis and the original treasury have been listed as administrators of the Snapshot.

A quorum value of 500,000 ($BOTTO) has been set for each snapshot, meaning the snapshot vote is not considered as long as valid quorum requirements are not met.

Votes pass on a 2/3rds supermajority, translating to 66.66% of votes.

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