Proposal Template

Please use this template to create a formal governance proposal. This template should also help guide informal discussions to cover important points when brainstorming solutions as a community.

Gov mods will help ensure completeness, mostly looking to be sure it incorporates all necessary information and discussion, and can reach out to core team members to provide missing info as needed.

When writing, using bullet points is helpful for readability and staying concise.


Write a clear and unique title, add in parentheses themes it touches on.

Ex. Distributing proceeds in ETH (Buy Back and Burn, Tokenomics, Revenue)


[A moderator will add the BIP-# to keep track of proposals.]


Elaborate what actions the proposal requires and what goals the proposal aims to achieve. (~3-5 sentences. It can be easiest to write this part last.)


  • Briefly describe background aspects of the proposal that need to be understood.

  • Indicate the motives behind the proposal and goals for the protocol this supports, e.g. issues to be addressed, opportunities to be considered, areas to be improved, etc.

Ex. OlympusDAO offers bonds in exchange for LP shares, enabling the Botto protocol to own its liquidity.

Proposal Specification

Detail the specific steps that would need to be carried out and what the new scenario looks like after. This should include a timeline estimating how long each step might take.

Budget (If applicable)

Indicate the expected budget and resources needed to complete the implementation and how the budget shall be distributed. This estimate will be reviewed by core DAO members and/or the treasurers.

Criteria of success (if a larger project)

This section should indicate how the success of the proposal could be determined. A key question to ask here would be ‘what is our definition of done?’


Summarize arguments against and disadvantages/risks of your proposal, highlighting possible ramifications and problem areas when implementing.

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