Botto utilizes a voting mechanism to train the algorithm that creates the art. Every week, 350 art pieces (called fragments) are presented to the community. Individuals from the community independently vote between two pieces, stating which art fragment they believe to be more aesthetically pleasing.
Votes take place on the Botto application, found on Before being able to vote, participants are required to stake Botto's governance token, $BOTTO.
The Botto Experience | Voting

Voting Points (VP) are used by community participants to vote on their favorite art pieces. VP are comparable to an off-chain, non-transferrable token connected to your wallet. VP are generated by staking $BOTTO tokens or providing BOTTO-ETH liquidity on Uniswap and staking the LP tokens.
When you stake $BOTTO and/or provide liquidity for the first time, you are automatically rewarded with 100VP.

VP regenerate over time for as long as you have your $BOTTO or LP tokens staked. The regeneration formula for VP is as follows:
VPearning=VPbase+VPstakedVP_{earning} = VP_{base} + VP_{staked}
Where the base rate earned for all stakers (
) and the additional VPs earned per amount staked (
) are:
VPbase=25stakedDaysVP_{base} = 25 * stakedDays
VPstaked=25log10(stakedAmount)stakedDaysVP_{staked} = 25 * log^{10}(stakedAmount) * stakedDays
For LP tokens, the stakedAmount is:
stakedAmountLPs=LPstakedLPpriceinBOTTOstakedAmount_{LPs}=\frac{LP staked}{LP price in BOTTO}

Botto's voting page displays two art fragments. The voter is required to choose which of the two art fragments is their preferred one. They can also choose to skip if they really don’t like either one, however even finding a preferable element or characteristic can be good for training.
Pieces are given a score for the proportion of how often they are picked:
scoreviews>50=(uniqueVotes/views)100score_{views>50}=(uniqueVotes / views ) * 100
80% of the time, the voting mechanism will show a fragment with a top score
20% of the time it will show a low score to ensure they still have a chance to be seen and maintain variety
The score of 100 if seen less than 50 times ensures all pieces have a fair chance of being seen and selected before getting a lower score. It also means that the best time to see all the new pieces, and the greatest diversity, is at the beginning of the voting round.
On 17/03/22 (DD/MM/YY) proposal BIP-04 to cull the voting pool passed in a snapshot vote. As a result, the the required views to determine True Score have been reduced from 100 to 50.

At the end of each voting round, 349 fragments with the lowest True Score are removed from the voting pool. With the weekly mint removing another fragment, the resulting voting pool size is 1,535 fragments.
The cull mechanism aims to reduce the size of the fragment pool in order to improve the voting experience and engagement.
To better enable this strategy, the required views to determine True Score have been reduced from 100 to 50.
On 17/03/22 (DD/MM/YY) proposal BIP-04 to cull the voting pool passed in a snapshot vote. As a result, the above culling mechanism was implemented.

Users are able to adjust the weight of their votes by using the slider at the bottom of the voting screen
Vote amplification maxes out at 100 VP per choice. This does not add weight to the training, it only adds weight to the total votes for picking the round's winner to be minted for auction.
Continue to the Leaderboard page to learn about boosting your favorite fragments and viewing top contributors.
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