How to Bond

Your guide on how to purchase a $BOTTO bond.

1. Head over to the Botto app and click on the “Ω Bonds” icon in the top navigation bar. Or choose BOTTO-ETH UNI from the Olympus Pro Bonds Marketplace.

Make sure to connect your wallet to Olympus to continue.

2. The below bond page will be displayed.

3. In case you don’t have LP shares, click the link to acquire them on Uniswap.

4. If this is your first $BOTTO bond purchase, you will need to sign a transaction to approve the bond contract (this has a small gas fee). The approval step is only necessary when you purchase a bond for the first time.

5. After approving the contract, enter the amount of LP shares you would like to exchange. You will see a corresponding amount of $BOTTO displayed in the "You Will Get" field.

6. Click Bond and sign the transaction on MetaMask. Each time you bond requires a gas fee.

7. Congratulations! Once the bond transaction is confirmed, you have successfully purchased a $BOTTO bond.

8. You can view your $BOTTO bond at the top of your Olympus Pro dashboard under the “My Bonds” section.

Bonds vest over a period of 7 days, releasing $BOTTO to you as they mature at a discounted rate. Read the next section for a guide on how to claim your rewards.

Multiple Bond Purchase

If your bond is still vesting, buying another $BOTTO bond will reset the vesting period. This means any unclaimed rewards from the previous bond, vested or otherwise, will start vesting from period 0 again.

The "Approve" transaction is only necessary when you purchase a bond for the first time. Future purchases of $BOTTO bonds will only require the "Bond" transaction.

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