Ethereum Wallet

A lot of mechanisms of Botto are built on the Ethereum blockchain. This means you'll have to interact with the Ethereum blockchain to participate in Botto. To interact with the Ethereum blockchain, you will need an Ethereum wallet.

Here's how to get your very own Ethereum Wallet:

Download the Browser Extension

We recommend using MetaMask

  1. Install MetaMask

  2. Setup Wallet

  3. Backup Wallet

  4. Use your Address to receive funds

1. Install MetaMask

Download & Install the browser extension:

2. Setup Wallet

A new browser tab opens

Click Get Started

Since we're new to MetaMask, we want to Create a Wallet

Next screen we set a password and accept the Terms of Use

3. Backup Wallet

This is the most important step! Without any proper backup, you may not be able to restore your wallet and lose all funds!


Download this Secret Backup Phrase and keep it stored safely on an external encrypted hard drive or storage medium.

Make sure to follow the instruction. Store this file safely on an external storage medium.


If you use a good password manager: Store those words in it.

Click Next

Open the Backup File and select the 12 words in the correct order to confirm your backup works as intended.

Click Confirm and your Wallet is setup

4. Receiving Funds

To receive Botto's tokens and other Ethereum Assets, you'll need your Ethereum Address.

  • Click MetaMask Button

  • Find Account 1

  • Click to Copy

You have copied your Ethereum Address now. Here's an example Address (yes, it's that long!): 0xc3DA51b01d9E87d79d644819924862dc7A303454

More Help

Join our #help channel on Discord:

Never give your Backup Phrase away!

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