Immersive Onboarding

By completing all ten quests, the user does not become eligible for special rewards, or unlock any privileges for the time being.

A new contract was set up by the DAO with BIP-14: Botto's Second Period to facilitate an incentivized onboarding, available to any new user joining the protocol, in an effort to help new users better understand the Botto voting process.

Any staked user or Access Pass holder could complete these in-app bounties to earn a total of 1,000 $BOTTO upon completion. Unfortunately, this system was sybiled in January of 2023 and subsequently discontinued, until a second iteration was passed with BIP-41: Immersive Airdrop Pilot, where JPG (Juried Protocol Galleries) was selected as the partner community for this pilot (not to be confused with Community Access Pass campaigns). Nevertheless, this pilot wasn't as successful as expected and the immersive airdrop approach will be discontinued for the time being.

For all the above reasons, Onboarding Bounties have been renamed to 'Quests'. Completing quests still helps a user understand the weekly voting process of Botto, but do not provide eligibility for any rewards.

There are a total of 10 quests:

  • Baby Steps: Hop into a voting pool and vote on a fragment.

  • Back for More: Vote for two days in a row.

  • What's New This Week?: Spend some VP in two consecutive voting rounds.

  • Big Spender: Spend 100 Voting Points (VP) on one fragment to make it appear more in the voting pool.

  • Ahhh I'm Boosting!: Every Monday at 22:00 UTC, you receive 5 boosts to spend on the weekly round's leaderboard. Spend 5 boosts to unlock this quest.

  • This Is Called Conviction: Spend a total of 10 boosts on two different weekly round's leaderboards.

  • Multiple Choice: Spread out your Voting Points (VP). Allocate your VP in one round across at least 50 fragments.

  • Two Hundred: Vote on over 200 artworks in one period.

  • Some Call Me The Curator: There's one winning artwork per round. Complete this quest by spending Voting Points on the winner.

  • The Completionist: Complete all the previous onboarding bounties to unlock full understanding of Botto's training and curation process through voting.

Quests are accessible from the Rewards page of the Botto App, nested inside the 'Quests' tab. By default, the Rewards page will first open the 'Claim' tab, where usual rewards can be claimed.

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