A brief introduction to staking, why it matters for this project, and how to stake your $BOTTO tokens.

A simple way to understand staking would be seeing this as a 'deposit'. You 'deposit' (stake) your newly acquired $BOTTO into the Botto app.

In return, you generate Voting Points (VP). You are able to spend VP on voting for your favorite art pieces, which subsequently lets you influence Botto's artistic direction!

How to Stake

Staking is relatively straightforward and is done in three easy steps.

Head over to the Botto application

  1. Head over to and hit the Connect Wallet button.

  2. Select Metamask as your option.

Your wallet is now connected to Botto's application!

Start the Staking Process

You'll want to stake (deposit) your $BOTTO. First, scroll down to "Your Stake" and press on the To Staking button. Then, select the greenStake $BOTTO under "Governance". Enter the quantity you'd like to stake (hit Max if you're not sure). Then, hit the Approve button.

You need to approve this transaction. In a nutshell, you're giving Botto permission to manage your deposit. You'll need to hit Confirm on the notification box created by Metamask:

Please note a fee may be incurred, which is why you needed to keep make sure you didn't exchange all of your ETH for $BOTTO in the previous step

Once confirmed, you'll be brought to another screen, asking you to confirm your stake. The Confirm Stake button, and then hit Confirm on the MetaMask notification that pops up.

That's it! You've staked your $BOTTO. You'll now be able to participate in voting.

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