Community Access Passes

Community Access Passes are a way for the DAO to invite in other communities to try out Botto and also earn their way in. The passes are free for those communities based on requirements set by the DAO.
Access Passes are minted into an ERC1155 contract, and start as a ‘blank canvas’, allowing the community of pass holders to curate the cover of their Access Pass over a four week period. The most voted on fragment will appear on their Access Pass.

Minting a Community Pass

Checking eligibility and minting can be done in the Rewards & Collectibles section on the Dashboard.

Approved Communities

BIP-12 : Let There Be Access! that set out the parameters of Access Passes also started with two approved communities. More communities can be approved via DAO proposal.
These APs to come in first 2 weeks of Fragmentation Period.


As a nod to their early conviction as collectors of Botto, CyborgDAO will be the first community to receive an AP.
Specifications of CyborgDAO Access Pass:
  • Hold a Turing Key to mint
  • Max 100 Passes (100 Turing Keys)
  • Minted directly via Botto website
  • Generates 100 Voting Points per day
CyborgDAO Mint Page.
Note: Special APs for collectors are in the works and are to be proposed.


After our token swap for 1M $BOTTO, $RARE holders need a way to access Botto. The AP is the perfect way to do so while keeping the $BOTTO in SuperRare's treasury.
Specifications SuperRare Access Pass:
  • Hold 100 $RARE to be eligible to mint
  • Max 10k passes
  • Minted directly via Botto website
  • Generates 175 Voting Points per day (1,000,000 $BOTTO at 10,000 minted passes = 175VP daily)

Tender.Art is a community that shares with Botto the vision to explore the new realms of generative art in all its forms, a very aligned group to welcome to the Botto community. Tender Pass holders were invited to sign up their 0x addresses to a private allowlist.
Specifications Tender.Art Access Pass:
  • Access Passes were airdropped directly to allowlisted users’ wallets (Tender Pass holders)
  • Tender Access Pass generates 100 Voting Points (VP) per day for the holder.