Access Passes

Access Passes are a way to access voting on Botto without buying the token, and a means to earn your way into membership. They can be acquired by following the link here, and following the directions below.

Types of Access Pass

There are two types of Access Passes: "Botto Access Pass" and "Community Access Pass"
They also share properties with the Pipes from the ‘Ceci n’est pas un Botto’ Collection that give access to exclusive drops.
Each pass generates daily voting points that allow you to help train Botto. By using voting points, you are also able to participate in the incentivized onboarding, earning $BOTTO for your contributions.
Access Passes are not stackable. You will receive only the voting points from the Access Pass in your possession that generates the most.

Botto Access Pass

The Botto Access Pass is the standard pass. It costs a nominal fee of .03 ETH and generates 100 VP per day.


Head to and ensure your Ethereum wallet is connected. Click the green Mint Pass button. You will be prompted to pay .03ETH + gas.
This will take you to the following mint page:
Hit Mint Now and then Confirm in the Meta Mask prompt window and wait for the transaction to go through.

Using the Pass

You only need to have the pass in your wallet to be generating the daily 100 VP. Click Start Voting in the Dashboard page to get started!
Check your progress for incentivized onboarding in the Rewards section, under the Bounties tab.