The leaderboard is a foundational part of Botto’s voting experience. It includes two main sections that go live when 24 hours remain in the weekly round.

Fragment Leaderboard

When 24 hours remain in the round, a live leaderboard of the Top 15 fragments is revealed. The fragments are unranked and presented in random order.

Since this video was created, the limit on 100VP per boost has been removed. See BIP-14, passed October 24, 2022.

Leaderboard Boosting

Leaderboard boosting opens up every Monday, 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EDT / 13:00 PDT.

Through the leaderboard, voters can directly boost fragments up to 5 times. They are also encouraged to lobby for their favorites in the #curation channel on Discord to help build momentum towards their favorite.

This phase of the voting round was introduced to help differentiate between a period of pure training based on what people like and a phase where the community’s focus is more directly on deciding what will go to mint.

Art fragments that have been curated for mint (i.e. art fragments that won the voting round) are removed from the voting pool and will not be able to be voted on in subsequent voting rounds.

Voter Leaderboard

View of the top 10 weekly voters sorted by unique votes. Users can see who the top contributors were, what were their favored fragments, what styles are most prevalent, and more.

The community is encouraged to reevaluate voting page and leaderboard behavior through future governance to minimize perceived bias.

Continue to Voting Insights for stats on how the community votes, your own voting behavior, and token metrics.

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