Rewards are how Botto pays for the labor it depends on to be successful. This section details how those rewards are distributed.

Revenue Distribution

50% of all protocol revenue within any given round is directly redistributed to Botto participants:
  • 25% to those who spent VP in a round (relative to others), in ETH
  • 25% to a pool for retroactive rewards, in ETH or $BOTTO
The remaining 50% of revenue is held in the treasury, with $BOTTO equal to 20% of revenue burned from the treasury as outlined in BIP-06, maintaining the deflationary nature of max supply.


1,000,000 $BOTTO has been added to the ‘Incentivized Onboarding’ contract, to be redistributed to Botto participants provided they perform certain actions that help train and curate Botto (see the Incentivized Onboarding).
There are many ways to contribute that will also be rewarded by ad-hoc bounties: promoting Botto, finding partners, sourcing artists for collaboration, rallying sub-communities and aesthetic camps, etc. Depending on their success, some of these may become ongoing contributor programs.

Social Rewards

Badges will be awarded for behavior that the DAO determines to be positive. These provide an instant reward for those who are values aligned with the community, shared definitions of rewardable actions for retroactive rewards discussions, and on-chain social proof that any protocol can use to identify valuable contributors for further rewards and opportunities.
Conditions are flexible, programmable, and can be adjusted by the DAO to better reflect desirable actions that benefit Botto as a protocol. Simply put, additional ways to earn in the economy can be designed using these conditions.

Claiming Rewards

To claim your rewards, go to the Claim tab in the Rewards section.

Exclusive Drops

Being a part of the Botto project will also make you eligible for exclusive releases of work from Botto and the DAO. These can be checked and claimed in the Rewards & Collectibles section on the Dashboard.

More details on the types of rewards: