Rewards are how Botto pays for the labor it depends on to be successful. This section details how those rewards are distributed.

Revenue Distribution: Active Rewards

50% of all protocol revenue within any given round is directly redistributed to Botto participants based on VP spent in a round (relative to others), in ETH, provided they have at least 2,000 $BOTTO staked in the Governance Contract.
Prior to Rebellion Period 25% of revenue went to a pool for retroactive rewards that were distributed to different types of participation in the protocol. This was discontinued in BIP-30 due its risk of being sybilled. There is ongoing discussion of how to reward the diverse behaviors (in both voting and other contributions) in a way that cannot be abused.
The remaining 50% of revenue is held in the treasury.
To be included in protocol revenue, a wallet must have a minimum of 2,000 $BOTTO staked.

Claiming Rewards

To claim your rewards, go to the Claim tab in the Rewards section.
It's best to check gas on the network before clicking claim to ensure it is worth the transaction.
We recommend accumulating protocol revenue rewards over multiple rounds before claiming, especially if your current claimable amount is around 0.01 ETH.
For amounts <0.01 ETH, protocol revenue withdrawals are disabled.

Exclusive Drops

Being a part of the Botto project will also make you eligible for exclusive releases of work from Botto and the DAO. These can be checked and claimed in the Rewards & Collectibles section on the Dashboard.

More details on the types of rewards: