Adding Capabilities and Collaborations

Artist Collaborations

Post-Genesis, the protocol is ready to significantly expand Botto’s cultural footprint through collaborations. To facilitate this, we have begun sourcing further artist collaborations and partnerships for special collections. Each will go through the DAO’s approval process, and it will provide the foundation for completely decentralizing the process. The program is tentatively titled Botto Studio.
As with other collaborations, these would be their own collections and run parallel to Botto’s core production in its periods.

Evolving Botto

Closely related to these efforts is another program we are tentatively calling Botto Labs. The Botto Labs program intends to bring in more engineering talent to assist in evolving Botto with the latest generative technology. The pace of additional tech will require a great deal of testing, and could potentially produce its own special collections as tests towards greater autonomy or into other mediums like voice and animation.