Social Rewards

Badges provide a way to give recognition that is valuable within the community, earning bragging rights and greater weight in DAO discussions.
The badges also provide shared definitions of positive behavior that will be critical to discussions of retroactive rewards. We would set up badge distribution based on conditions defined by the DAO. In short, badges:
  • Represent participation and active involvement in the protocol
  • Are something the DAO can (retro)actively define
  • Are used to streamline the process of distributing $BOTTO retroactively
  • Would be soulbound (on-chain, non-transferrable proof of participation)
We also see an opportunity for community-generated badges through a bounty program for people to analyze voting data and propose badges for positive behavior they identify.
We are currently exploring out-the-box solutions like Otterspace versus developing something natively in-house. Botto’s second period will launch independent of a technical implementation; badges and accompanying rewards will be proposed in a more detailed proposal and retroactively distributed post-discussion.