Voting Insights
The Insights tab includes informative stats about voting behavior and other core aspects of the Botto project:
The Botto Experience | Insights
These can be used in many ways:
  • To see your impact on Botto
  • To inform your decision making processes
  • To put your contribution in context with the rest of the community
  • To measure participation in order to reward users based on their level and style
To see these stats go to the Insights tab in the Dashboard.

You can use this view to track multiple aspects of core protocol metrics.
  • Token price over time
  • Token supply
  • Treasury insights
  • Staking information

This view includes general insights into Botto and the community’s voting behavior. Use it to contextualize your voting behavior within the big picture of the project’s evolution.
  • Earnings and auctions data
  • All time favorite fragments
  • Global voting stats

individual stats about your voting behavior and participation in the project.

The module shows a snapshot of your current tokens staked in the app. $BOTTO holders need to stake either the token or the LP shares from the ETH-BOTTO Uniswap pool to receive voting points (VP).
This module also shows you your most voted fragment and your Voting Level: an indicator of the amount of fragments a user has seen.
Levels are:
  • 0–99 = Observer
  • 100 = Novice
  • 101–499 = Curatorial Assistant
  • 500–999 = Curator
  • 1000–1999 = Master Curator
  • 2000+ = Omniscient

This section shows info about how you spend your votes (how often, how many, etc.) and your rate of VP regeneration.
There’s also a categorization of “Voting Styles” based on the average VPs spent per art piece.
  • 1–2 = Minimalist
  • 3–9 = Selective
  • 10–29 = Believer
  • 30–49 = Tastemaker
  • 50–79 = Trendsetter
  • 80–99 = Gatekeeper

This module plots your voting behavior in a daily/ weekly / monthly / yearly timeline .

Finally, Bottonians get to see what fragments they have favored over time, with an “All Time Top 10” and a 7-day ranking list in “Recent Top 10”.
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